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The Process in Finding the Best Financial Advisors and the Top Financial Planners

This list of good financial advisers includes both those Financial Advisers, as well as top wealth advisers at local banks. The process to determine each set of names differed.

To arrive at the names of the area’s 287 top financial advisers—the fee-only financial planners, fee-based financial advisers, we perform a search based on several factors of arrive with our famed List of Top Financial Advisors.

One of our Search Criteria includes Assets Under Management.  While having the most assets under management doesn’t necessarily mean an adviser is right for you, it probably does mean the person is doing something right.

 Most of the 287 “best advisers” are at smaller, independent firms. Some clients prefer working with smaller wealth-management firms, while others may want their money handled by a big institution. So, to offer names of the area’s top “Top wealth advisers,” we look to firms that have Top Financial Advisors with the most assets under management, or AUM.

Another Criteria is Years of Service within the Financial Planning Industry.  We place a high emphasis on the Best Financial Advisors in Washington DC with a minimum of 20 years of experience.  Experience matters when working with “Top Financial Advisor” whom have lived through the good times and the not so good times.

A Criteria that often gets overlooked by many Search Firms advertising behalf Financial Advisors is a “Top Wealth Managers” philosophy.  Often a multitude of Financial Advisors in America have a focus strictly on deriving wealth through a singular means.   They know what they know as that’s all the exposure to Wealth Building they have been taught.   We place a high emphahsis on “Top Financial Advisors” who think outside the box and view Wealth Creation through other forms, whether it be Real Estate, Venture Capital, Investing in Start Ups, Advisement on Buying or Selling Companies.   Wealth is multi-demsional and the stock market usually serves a channel that most easy towards having clients invest.  However a Top Financial Advisor has the Financial and Business Acumen to add much more value that expands a client’s investing horizons beyond the stock market.   

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